Sep 052012

Singer-songwriter Jamie Alimorad has found a lot of success as an independent artist since starting out in 2008. Listening to his second album, “Words left unsaid”, it’s easy to understand why. This is a guy with a great voice and rock-solid musical skills, who successfully straddles the line between pop and mainstream rock, crafting catchy tunes with ear-pleasing melodies and an upbeat vibe.

“Words left unsaid” opens with the dance-y, rocking “Tiffany”, one of the best tracks on the album, which showcases Alimorad’s talent for writing a tune with a great hook and a sing-along-friendly chorus. “Dancing with you” is an upbeat rocker in the same groove. Another stand-out track is the darker and angrier “Weapon”, with growlier vocals from Alimorad and a slightly rougher sound.

My favorite track on the album, “That’s What She Said”, keeps that harder edge and is a fully-charged rocker with a chorus that is likely to get stuck in your head for a good while. Ballads like “Someday, somewhere”. “Beautiful” and “Forever and a day” change up the pace and show off Alimorad’s vocal skills, but overall I think the up-tempo, rockier tunes are his stronger suit.

Alimorad’s voice and style is reminiscent of artists like Rick Springfield (Alimorad is a big fan) and Bryan Adams. Specifically, there’s an immediacy and straightforwardness to his lyrics and music that really reminds me of Adams. And like the tunes of both Adams and Springfield, Alimorad’s songs set up a scene and tell a story: in this case, usually a love-story.

“Words left unsaid” chronicles the rise and fall of a relationship, and according to Alimorad the lyrics are directly inspired by his own experiences: “They are literally the things I never got to say. The first time I said them out loud was to the microphone and the raw emotion and passion is captured there.”

Even with the occasional harder-edged tune, this is definitely the brighter side of rock’n’roll, music made to make you want to dance and feel better. A few of the tracks are somewhat forgettable, but the quality of the vocals and the music is strong enough to keep the album solidly entertaining throughout.

A big part of Alimorad’s appeal is his voice. It’s strong, clean, and with just enough rasp in it to make it interesting. He also has has an obvious talent for writing catchy tunes and heartfelt lyrics. If you haven’t heard of him, and you’re into melodic, mainstream rock, you should definitely check out this album.

You can check Jamie Alimorad out on his web-page, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, ReverbNation, and SoundCloud.


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