Aug 222012

Right from the get-go, with the very first riffs and pounding drums of the infectiously raunchy “The Way You Move”, Vancouver’s SwaggerJack introduces itself with a bang. The track, which is definitely more of a lust-song than a love-song (“Don’t tell me you need me/don’t tell me you care“), shows off this band’s confident, cocky sound, and yes, some rock n roll swagger.

SwaggerJack is a relatively new constellation of four Canadian rockers: Jason Lane on vocals and guitar, Alex Ritchie on guitar, Rob Boshaw on bass, and Greg Volk on drums. The band’s two-song EP (self-released earlier this year) gives a taste of what these guys can do. It contains the previously mentioned “The Way You Move” as well as “Novocain”, a hooky track about seeking pain-relief when love goes bad, and with a chorus that practically forces you to sing along.

This is great get-the-party-started rock, mixing enough fun in with the rough and the heavy to make you crave more. SwaggerJack has already received some radio-play, and the music definitely warrants that kind of attention. As the EP shows, this is a band with solid musical chops and a penchant for catchy tunes and lyrics.

Having seen SwaggerJack live twice now, and considering myself both a fan and a friend of the band, I can only hope that they release some more material soon (“Little Money”, and “I Wanna See You Dance” come to mind), and that they keep adding live-gigs to their schedule.

You can buy SwaggerJack’s EP on itunes and Amazon. Stay up to date with the band on their webpage, Facebook, and Twitter.


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